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  • Recycled PVB : polyvinyl butyral post consumer

    Origin of PVB

    Films from the recycling of laminated glass

  • post consumer polyvinyl butyral recycling

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    PVB post consumer

Welcom to Hainaut Plast Industry

Hainaut Industry Plast is a producer of recycled polyvinyl butyral. The company founded in 2013 has a plant in CAMBRAI (F-59400), with an administrative agreement to recycle 20,000 tons of PVB per year and a production capacity of 15,000 tons of post consumer PVB.

Hainaut Plast Industry is a secondary raw material producer who offers at industrial users of PVB an ecological and economic alternative.

The post consumer PVB can be used in many applications as a substitute for other plastics as pure or compound.

Our commitments

Industrial Production

Post consumer PVB pure, with additive , or compounded

Source of supply

Contractualized and sustainable

Ecological solution

Secondary raw material

Plasturgiques Characteristics

Regular and reproducible

Industrial Process

Innovative and Quality Assurance

Competitive and stable prices

Volume Guarantee

For contract customers.